Important question for creative and professional experts who STILL haven't created their own profitable online course:

If there was a proven, step-by-step path for getting YOUR ONLINE COURSE DESIGNED, MADE, AND SELLING without any question of how to start, which tools to use, or exactly how to transform ideas into finished lessons ...


Would you finally have the confidence to leverage your talents, expertise, and proven systems to become an online teacher?


Here's Why Anything Shy of a Fervent, Hand-Waving "Yes, Ma'am, That's Me!" is Holding You Back


Every day, your best potential students—savvy online learners and shoppers with credit card in hand—are swiping, tapping, and typing as they look for the very solutions you could give them.

COULD give them. . .

. . . if your course were ready.

If it's not ready, though, these eager learners are "enrolling now" on someone else's solution: someone else's course.

Here's the thing about those other courses:

They don't have your "secret sauce." They're missing the proven steps you KNOW can make all the difference for a student who is ready for change, ready to build their own skills, ready to unlock new opportunities.

And there's more:

Each day that you put off building your course not only deprives your would-be students, it also maintains a Costco-sized distance between you and an income stream that could change your daily life.

It can be different:

If you know that you have a special expertise and a strong desire to have an impact on others . . .

If you are ready to become an entrepreneur in your own right, earning money with online teaching . . . then keep reading:


Because what follows can easily end up being the moment you look back on in a few months from now . . . in that time when see your ideas and signature approaches are perfectly organized — all Marie-Kondo-like — into an online course that your students are snapping up and moving through.



but first, let's acknowledge a hard truth . . .

Way too many would-be course creators stumble and stop.


Let me know if this sounds familiar:

After years of punching a work clock or making family care a priority, you’re ready to take a real shot at the Entrepreneur Lifestyle you see hashtagged all over Instagram and Facebook. You're ready to make and sell an online course.

You’ve subscribed to online business podcasts and joined Facebook groups.

You’ve chosen a mind-mapping app and downloaded free guides on “How to Outline Your Online Course.”

Again and again, you’ve marked off time on the calendar and settled in with your "Desire Map Planner" and laptop, intention clear: this course is going to get outlined, drafted, and made real.

You’ve worked at home and at Starbucks, with soy candles burning and without, in silence and to the sounds of your favorite Spotify channel.

But the work is not accumulating. The course outline isn’t complete. Research sessions end up down rabbit holes. Andwhile a couple of lessons and even a worksheet are draftedthe flow feels off.

You have absolutely no confidence that you are doing this work right. 

And so there you are: with your planner and your soy candle thinking it would have been better to be the one doing the dishes ( or reading the bedtime stories or checking in on Mom) than to be HERE. Facing a blank screen.

And that’s when work segues into an episode of "Love it Or List It," a round or three of Words with Friends, a phone call to your bestie, a nap.

Weeks have gone by since you decided you would heed the entrepreneurial call. You’re ready to give your ideas and voice their own platform.

Butso farthis work that should set you free has, instead, locked you into guilt-filled hours of trying but not doing.

And now time is running out. You had quietly signed up for soon-to-expire trial packages on video editing software, an online classroom platform, and a sweet color-coded planning tool.

You may or may not have promised someone special that you’d be getting down to profitable work soon.

That someone special might even be yourself.

But, without progress, you’re facing a limited choose-your-own adventure menu that only offers:

  • returning to (or staying in) a gig you simply don’t like any more,
  • applying for the not-so-appealing J.O.B. your family tells you isn’t all that bad,
  • drumming up more clients for the one-on-one work you’d hoped to leave behind, or
  • breaking the news to your current clients that rates are going up.

After years of playing by the rules that make everyone else happy, isn't it time for things to go your way?


Let's be clear here:

You're not impatient for a seven-figure-year or a mastermind in Bali.

You're ready to put in solid work to build and sell your own online course.

The evidence of how hard you'll work is right there in the many years of study and practice you've already put in to master the expertise you now want to teach.

Making real progress is tough, though, when suggestions for quick wins are coming at you from all directions and, at the same time, you're feeling personal pressures to not just move forward, but to move forward and succeed.

You're not an idiot. You've doneand shone atplenty of difficult things already.

It's reached the point where you deserve to rack up solid achievements:

  • Your course: named, priced and branded.
  • The lessons teaching your signature systems: scripted, recorded and complete.
  • Your email list and social accounts: growing larger with eager and engaged prospects.
  • New students: purchasing and using your online course.

You've earned this. Andin just a momentI'm going to show you how to FINALLY tip the scales your way.

But first, there are 4 key things for you to understand . . .

The 4 Reasons You’re Still Stalled on Creating Your Online Course
(and how to get moving now)



REASON #1: Your work on developing your course and lessons ends up high-jacked, expanding, even fueling self doubt.

There's a good chance you end up stuck here because of your overwhelming desire to do right by your students.

You create an initial outline. And then you get worried:

What if my students aren't satisfied?

Or even this:

What will my peers think if I've left out the very thing they think is most important.

And then you're off down a research rabbit hole: looking at books and videos and other classes. All this morphs your planned course into something completely new . . . and just not right.

Even when you get past the outline stage and are digging into lesson creation, you face a different challenge:

Now you have to teach. You need to sequence the content, covering key concepts while weaving in the stories and examples that your students need. And all of those lessons need to come together in your own original system.

Without a how-to-teach framework, it's no wonder you're in analysis paralysis.

Here's the thing to know: your students want YOUR SIGNATURE APPROACH, and they want it to get them to their goal EFFICIENTLY. Your job is to streamline and supercharge your lessons for their success.

It is possible for you to do this work without the research rabbit hole, the paralysis and procrastination, the ballooning content, and the doubts.

You need a framework for course design and lesson creation that lets you confidently turn your knowledge in the top-notch teaching your students deserve (and that you're eager to give them).

REASON #2: All the course-building tools and tactics have you confused and distracted.

We need to start by acknowledging that tools like an affordable online classroom platform that you can "set up tonight" are part of what put this work of teaching online within your reach.

So, of course, you're taking a look at them.

But, oftentimes, once one shiny tool is unlocked, it gets easier to try out others: Canva for your graphics, Trello for your planning, BeLive for your live streams.

Live streams?


And InstaStories and SmartPins and Lead Magnets and Content Upgrades.

All this swirling through your mind before you've even outlined your course!

It's not your fault. You want to get to work. And the thing about tools and tactics in isolation is that they can be easy to get started with, and they give you a sense of DOING.

But now it turns out you've got multiple tools and tactics, and your course still isn't getting created.

You need an implementation guide for choosing and using the right online teaching tools and tactics, and—what's more—choosing and using them at the right time.

REASON #3: The worry that no one will buy your course is a strong but often unspoken undercurrent keeping you stuck in idea stage.

You pretty much “get” the mechanics of how selling a course goes: you’ll hook up a buy now button to your Stripe or Paypal account, and people will use it to send you money.
That’s not what’s got you worried. What’s got you worried is this:

After the first 5 (or 20 or 100) people in your fledgling (or established) audience click on that buy-now button . . . how will you find new buyers day after day?

Of course you’ve got this concern. Anyone who wants to build an online teaching business should have it at the top of the to-do list:

Knowing how to sell your course is going to be as important as knowing how to make it.

You need a step-by-step process for building an audience, making first validating sales, and then creating your own funnel and launch events that generate repeatable sales.

REASON #4: The tasks you're working on aren't the right ones for getting a profitable online course created and selling.

You've got your domain purchased. Dropbox folders created. A lesson outlined. Several worksheets sketched out.

Lots of little pieces are getting created, but the work that will truly move your course to completion and launch isn't being done.

I get it.

My 22-year-old son recently told friends that I’d “written” a book on throwing parties with children. That was back in the 90s, and I didn’t exactly write the book. What I did do was outline several chapters, collect photos, make a list of party themes, document favor-making how-tos.

I still have all that in binder. (Remember we're talking the 90s: binders equaled Dropbox.)

I was moving from one appealing task to another, but I never did the work that would actually get a book written and published.

Several years later I did publish a book. This time, though, I had a guide to the work: an editor who made sure I knew what to do to get that book done and in print.

You need a guide to the work of course building: your own Sherpa to its sunny paths and dangerous ledges, a guide you can turn to for step-by-steps in the middle of the night as well as personalized answers in the light of day and cheerleading accountability over the weeks it takes to build your course.

It's finally time to get down to the game-changing work of creating your own profitable online course.

When you build an online course with the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint Method that I’m about to share, you will have the power:

  • to generate consistent income by building three key assets: your course, your classroom, and your engaged audience.
  • to raise your visibility and leverage your own authority into speaking engagements, higher-ticket coaching, and mastermind programs.
  • to make a significant impact on the students who want to master the skills and signature approaches you’re teaching.
  • to spin off new ventures that go beyond the initial course: teaching live, supplying licensed curriculum to educational and corporate groups, and setting up your own “school” that houses courses by others.


These outcomes are possible for online course builders today ...

Getting there DOES DEPEND on a course-building framework that integrates teaching, sales, and tech work in a step-by-step threaded method. 

You'll sidestep doubt and confusion and execute the right work with:

  • a teaching framework and lesson production systems you can use to develop your ideas and create effective lessons
  • marketing how-tos threaded throughout the course-building process starting with an approach to validate your ideas and build a pre-launch audience, then finishing with funnel building and launch creation
  • tech how-tos and design templates that enable you to choose and use the best tools for designing, selling, and delivering your online course
  • personalized and ongoing support along with up-to-date how-tos including: on-demand lessons in video, audio or transcript formats, course planner and workbook, "lifetime" access to private community and monthly group coaching

Meet the creator of the step-by-step threaded method for creating a profitable online course:  

Hi. I'm Debbie Hodge, and I've run online teaching businesses since 2007, creating and selling over 100 crafty and technical courses.

I've been in love with "explaining things" since my first extra-credit report in elementary school. Mix that with my passion for creative endeavors (writing, photography, scrapbooking, web design) plus an MBA, and it makes perfect sense that online teaching is my perfect gig.

Especially since it has enabled me work from home and raise two boys up into tall, bearded men.

After years of teaching creative classes, I developed the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint Method to help would-be course builders make profitable online teaching businesses...

... so that they can raise up their own tall and bearded sons. Or quit the 9-to-5 gig. Or simply do work they love.

I'm not going to tell you this work is easy, and I'm not going to tell you that "if you build it, they will come."

Instead, I'm going to make sure you develop your course, your classroom, and your marketing systems with a step-by-step threaded approach that ensures you've got prospects eager and ready when your course is complete.

And now let me introduce:

The only step-by-step threaded method for building a profitable online course by moving the work of course creation, classroom setup, and marketing systems all forward into your own complete and cohesive online teaching system.

For 11 years, I've developed and sold creative classes online. For the last three years I've worked with creatives and subject-matter experts as they build their own profitable teaching businesses.

These are:

  • would-be course builders who didn't know how to shape their expertise into lessons and a completed course.
  • creatives and experts who were confused and distracted by all the tech, tools, and tactics being shared in online communities.
  • subject-matter pros who were ready, once and for all, to get the roadmap they needed so that they could get their courses completed and selling.

The result is:

A step-by-step roadmap that has you using the threaded approach to designing and creating an online course PLUS an engaged audience and mailing list PLUS a classroom for course delivery.


Here's what's inside:


1. Project Planner

The Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint Planner lays out the work of building your course, your classroom, and your audience: module by module, lesson by lesson, task by task. Use ready-made checklists with spots to add your own tasks and notes. Time estimation guildlines included.

Print this out right from the get-go. It will be an essential guide to execution.


2. Quick Start Module

This quick-start module gives new course builders a path to early wins and solid course idea validation.  Everything is here for designing either a mini course or a "beta" version of your course that you can pre sell before creating.

Your nimble (i.e., speedy) course design and creation are followed by nimble sales and delivery systems that let you offer a course WITHOUT a full blown classroom. There's even a "soft" launch process you can use to avoid lengthy and expensive full-blown launch process (which will come later . . . AFTER you've validated and brought in first earnings).

You will:

  • Choose between making either a mini course or pre-sold beta program and use the step-by-step how-tos for designing this offer so that it introduces students to your teaching while letting you build authority and learn exactly how to refine this course for a future full launch.
  • Use nimble sales and delivery platforms for this first offer. This isn't the time to build out a full-blown classroom or use pricey shopping cart tools. Instead, see how to use an ecommerce tool to accept payment and get this class to your students.
  • Implement a six-step soft launch process to develop a small and deeply-engaged audience with "red-carpet" content, then make an offer so that you’re enrolling first students.


MODULE 1: Your Course Topic

You’ll immediately dig into evaluating and using the 4 Profitable Course Topic Drivers so that you’re creating a course you know the market wants.

With a solid process for choosing your course’s focus, you avoid the pitfalls that come with rushing to teach on a topic that you haven't validated.

You will:

  • Lean in to your Teachable Talents by analyzing them through nine “lenses.” You’re going to realize teaching approaches you’d not considered before, and you’ll identify the best angles for leveraging your unique super powers.
  • Research and understand what your audience needs. An "Audience Research Checklist" gives you multiple avenues for research, and the "What To Listen For Worksheet" has you tuning into and recording the right conversations.
  • Understand five positioning strategies so that you can review your competitors. You’ll then use the "Market Positioning Worksheet" to identify your own sweet spot in the market.
  • Review five product portfolio models and use detailed worksheets to plan out your own strategy for choosing a course topic that not only benefits you today—but that also has you thinking ahead, creating a path for future product development.
MODULE 2: Design Your Course
With a profitable course topic decided, it’s time to detail exactly what your course will look like.

Course outline, name, branding, and pricing are all developed here in a sequence that builds, one-step-after-another, to get this key work done efficiently and well.

When design is done right, you’ll be able to share news of a course that already looks and sounds very real—even before the first lesson is created.

The results of this module are motivating and momentum building. Without accurate execution on this step, it’s difficult to get traction or understand your path forward.

You will:

  • Understand what online courses, lessons, and teaching approaches look like because knowing what all the pieces are is key to effective course design.
  • Outline your class with Course Outline Worksheets. Methodically start with the end-goal and work backward to define the path that gets your students happily to their transformation.
  • Give your course a clear, outcome-oriented name that immediately attracts your best prospects.
  • Create a course logo that queues topic and sets a tone that speaks to the students who need your solution.
  • Set your course price using a 6-step pricing process.
MODULE 3: Build Your Audience & Funnel

At this point, you’re still early in the course-building process and yet you’ve got a super clear definition of your course and the work for creating it.

You KNOW where you’re going.

And that’s the perfect time to start building an audience of people who want to go there with you. This is the work of building an on-ramp to your upcoming launch. This is the work of PRElaunch.

Doing this work now gets you tapping into the power of the step-by-step threaded method in the eCourse Blueprint: marketing and content creation are both done side-by-side.

It’s time to put two essential audience-building pieces into place that enable you to be doing top-of-funnel work every single day—even as you’re making lessons and setting up your classroom.

Don’t miss this chance to connect with your prospects early in the process and build an audience of potential buyers who are eager and ready for your upcoming offer.

You will:

  • Set up a complete system for adding prospects to your email list, beginning with choosing an email service provider that has all the functionality your course-building sales funnel is going to need.
  • Create an irresistible list-building lead magnet (templates included), and get an “opt-in” form on your website so that you can be building your email list every day.
  • Tap into the power of Facebook and Instagram Audiences to reach those people who’ve already engaged with you, people who have raised their virtual hands and said: Yes! I want to hear about your course.
  • Understand how a course-building sales funnel works so that you’re doing top-of-funnel work now. When your course is ready, you'll return to this module for the advanced funnel lessons.
MODULE 4: Create Your Course

Hooray! Your course is designed and your audience building is underway.

Now it’s time to do the central work you’ve been headed toward all this time: making your course lessons.

Use the eCourse Blueprint teaching framework and lesson-creation process to develop the content that impacts your students, moving them to mastery of a new skill or practice or even attitude.

The Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint method makes a clear separation between the work of lesson development and lesson production and gives you the how-tos you need to excel at both parts by module end.

You will:

  • Discover key tools and processes for developing your ideas into teachable content that transforms your students.
  • Gain a framework for teaching well, lesson by lesson, attracting and keeping your students’ attention, giving them not only lectures, but illustrations, practice opportunities and roadmaps for their own success.
  • Learn to batch the phases of both lesson development and lesson production not only for efficiency but for quality results. 
  • Use the many step-by-step how-tos here, choosing the ones right for your lesson format, whether video, audio, written or live virtual.
MODULE 5: Build Your Classroom

It’s time to build your school.

So many would-be and stalled course builders mistakenly START with this step.

Not you, though. You're using the eCourse Blueprint step-by-step threaded approach, and you’ve waited until you have a firm understanding of what your course looks like and needs from a classroom.

NOW is the time to evaluate and choose a platform and get it up and running.

You will:

  • Choose your classroom platform by understanding the tradeoffs in technology, costs, design, and integrations across top classroom platform options, and choose the best one for you.
  • Get clear on what a payment gateway is, and make quick work of choosing and setting one up.
  • Build your classroom, starting with design of your "front hall” and lessons pages and then moving into the nitty-gritty of adding lessons files and protecting content for paid students.
MODULE 6: Sell & Deliver Your Course

Whew! You’ve built three assets by now: your course, your engaged audience, and your classroom.

Now it’s time to put students into those virtual classroom seats and do the work of delighting them.

Everything comes together here: sales page, launch, and procedures for on-boarding and taking care of students.

You will:

  • Create a sales page and integrate it with your classroom, write your email welcome and on-boarding sequence, and set up your payment gateway.
  • Develop and then execute on a launch plan for moving your prospects further down the funnel and into your classroom.
  • Use the eCourse Blueprint launch framework here to develop and synchronize the many strands of a launch: landing pages, launch content, social media posts, and Facebook Audiences and Ads.
  • Put customer support and evaluation processes in place so that you’re ensuring your students achieve their goals and give you the feedback you need for improvements and testimonials to share on the next launch of your own online course.

There's more! Support gets you up and running in the beginning and takes care of you as you grow your teaching  biz:


Monthly Group Coaching Calls

With your purchase of the eCourse Blueprint, you become part of an engaged and evolving course-building community that helps you with those first getting-started questions as well as questions you discover later on down the road: when you're creating a second class, developing a more complex funnel, or simply keeping up with changes in technology and marketing approaches.

Monthly group calls are held with GoToMeeting, and during most sessions we get to everyone's questions. Once you’re in the session, you can see who is there and "chat" via the chatbox. When it's your turn, you can turn on your mic, and even share your webcam or your screen if you want. I’ll track down any resources or websites you want to share or that will help me teach and answer your questions.. Sessions usually run 2+ hours. Recordings are posted within 24 hours. Can't be there live? Post your questions in the community ahead of time to get answers. 


Exclusive Membership in Private Facebook Group

A private Facebook group community gives you the opportunity to ask questions and develop relationships with your classmates who are also building their own online classes as they work through Teach What You Do program.

Your access is ongoing, there for you in the early days of developing your course as well as in later days of becoming a skilled teacher and online marketer. It's like getting a lifetime membership, but you only pay once. 


PLUS: Special bonuses for our very best "Yes, Ma'am, I am ready to implement right NOW!" customers


BONUS #1: Manage and Develop Your Online Teaching Business with Asana

This mini-course gives you a step-by-step approach for managing and creating key online teaching assets and activities as well as  for building systems that let you outsource and work more effectively. All work is illustrated with project management tool Asana, but you can also extend these practices to tools like Trello.

You’ll start by setting up a business “hub” that acts as repository for key business assets, documentation of standard operating procedures, and a road map for moving forward on the multiple fronts of course development, platform maintenance, and marketing execution.

Once your hub is set up, you’re ready to:

  • use a system for scheduling and tracking recurring tasks,
  • execute on annual planning for both membership and stand-alone course models,
  • develop and maintain an editorial calendar,
  • manage course development and launch projects, and
  • manage daily to-do lists without overwhelm

You’ll get swipes that enable you to quickly set up your hub, annual planning boards, and all the tasks associated with course creation, classroom setup and launch execution in your own Asana workspace or with another planning and management tool.

BONUS #2: Graphics Templates Bundle for Course Builders

Templates for teaching, branding, social media, classroom setup and list building {in 6 styles!}

You don't need to be slowed down in your course-building work by a need to design and create your teaching slides, lead magnets, social media images, and classroom graphics.

This BIG library of templates supplies starting points for all of these graphics, and—what's more—in SIX STYLES so that you can easily adapt them for looks that range from meditative to whimsical to business-professional.

The template sets have you covered for creating:

  • teaching slides,
  • course logos and classroom badges,
  • website, social media, and ads  graphics,
  • infographic-styled listable lead magnets.

The templates are in Powerpoint format and easily converted to Keynote. This means you own all the graphics and don't need to use any ongoing design tool subscription to do edits. All shapes are editable in size, shape and transparency. All fonts are free-for-commercial-use Google fonts and editable.

You will turn to this library again and again: early on when you're making a course logo and lead magnet, farther along your journey when you're making teaching slides and designing your classroom, and then at the end when you're creating launch and ads graphics.

BONUS #3: Evergreen Funnel Workshop for Course Builders * new *
Once you sell a course or two with a live launch format, you'll want to consider adding an "evergreen" option sells your course on auto-pilot every day.

Use this workshop to set up an automated "evergreen" funnel yourself. This bonus walks you step-by-step through this process and the assets needed.

You will understand:

  • Traffic sources, assets, and complete funnel flow.
  • Evergreen email mechanics including using tags, delay timers, custom fields, and expiring links.
  • Suggested and required landing page and email content and sequncing.
  • Facebook audience building specs for incorporating targeted Facebook ads that speak to your leads as they enter the funnel and move through to offer expiration.

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The training in the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint gives creative and professional experts the resources and support they need to confidently create profitable online courses.

The eCourse Blueprint materials are: deep, yet efficient; organized, yet flexible; beautiful, but clear.

Debbie and this course provided an excellent road map for my own course creation while also offering the community and personalized support I needed to make tech decisions, stay motivated, and launch the Reading Simplified Academy—now 800+ members strong and a six-figure teaching business.

Debbie is trustworthy and available, which naturally spawns a community atmosphere—so helpful for building accountability and support in this sometimes lonely business.

Marnie Ginsberg

The eCourse Blueprint was the best investment I could have made for my business. It enabled me to create a professional classroom for my students and saved me valuable time in figuring things out.

I get daily praise for the learning experience at Scrap Me Quick Designs, all thanks to the lessons I learned from Debbie. If you're serious about online teaching success, I strongly encourage you to enroll in the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint.

Debbie O'Neal

The e-course blueprint is hands down the best training program for beginners creating and selling online courses. The biggest benefit is that its an all-in-one solution. From course creation to growing an audience and promoting your offer, Debbie leaves no stone unturned. 

With Debbie’s help, I sold a live workshop to validate the interest in my course topic, have built my audience to well over 1000 email subscribers, and I have a growing following on social media. I'm launching my newest online course very soon!

Debbie's office hour calls are worth the price of the course alone. I love that she's always coaching me on the next step. When you are in the trenches, support and guidance are important. She is quick to answer questions in the Facebook group, too. Sometimes you just need an answer in real-time. Debbie is a pleasure to work with.

JJ Mayo

Before working with Debbie and the eCourse Blueprint program, I had a good idea about what I wanted to do, but every time I tried to make the ideas more concrete, it all became fuzzy. I was overwhelmed by all the moving pieces and choices. And because I have perfectionist tendencies I kept second guessing myself. At the same time, I saw Debbie successfully and continuously putting out new courses at both of her businesses, and I knew there had to be a better way.​​​​​​​

There's so much about the eCourse Blueprint that gave me the clarity I needed to finally move forward:

  • Everything is broken down into bite-sized, logical pieces. And I mean everything.
  • Debbie is SO generous with her knowledge and her resources. She gives her all as she puts her students and their best interests first.
  • Debbie's teaching style is casual yet professional, and she's highly results-oriented. Her vast knowledge and analytical skills show up every time as she personalizes the instruction to her students.
  • Debbie brought lots of relevant examples and tools that helped me understand and relate to the material easily. This is how I was able to implement what I was learning. She works on everything from conceptualizing the bigger picture to the micro tasks required. She gently leads you through the transformation you came for.
Sylvia Cuillo

I learned long ago that to take my performance to the next level, I need a coach to show me the way. When I was ready to develop my own coaching and live teaching into an online program, I chose Debbie Hodge and the eCourse Blueprint as my guide.

I'd viewed Debbie's webinars and content and knew this was someone I could trust. Debbie is an authority while also being warm and approachable.

After each session with her, I feel energized and can work more quickly and efficiently on completing my online course. I can’t say enough about the benefit of finding and working with Debbie. I highly recommend the eCourse Blueprint and Debbie's one-on-one coaching to anyone wishing to teach what they do, especially, multi-creatives!

Michelle Podlesni

I came to the eCourse Blueprint with an existing but dreadfully outdated course being sold at live events on CDs. Debbie's program enabled a smooth segue to a fully automated online course that's become a customer favorite.

While I initially enrolled to get help with the technical aspects of creating an online course, I've become a more skilled online marketer as a result of the program—something especially important as I move away from the expense and effort of exhibiting at live trade shows and instead build a profitable online sales funnel.

I am blown away by the level of dedication and value included in the eCourse Blueprint! Materials are updated regularly with new information and opportunities added. My classmates have become a "think tank" of fellow entrepreneurs and professionals under Debbie's encouraging leadership.

As a solopreneur, I've had to be VERY frugal in building my business, but I can say without any qualms that the eCourse Blueprint is probably the best investment I've ever made in the success of my business.

Lynn Dean

I love Debbie’s teaching style and delivery, and, most importantly, she is passionate about teaching. Her own experiences are shared using different platforms, techniques, and everyday language that even a novice can understand. If you are a “do-it-yourself” type and need to know how all the pieces fit together then the Teach What You Do training is for you.

Leonard Smith III

When I went through the eCourse Blueprint, I finally had a view of the entire process for creating, delivering and selling online courses.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​I started my online store 9 years ago, and I had already purchased many courses before, but those other courses gave me only scattered knowledge: I knew how to do this or that, but nothing was in any order. I was almost ready to throw in the towel.

With the roadmap in the eCourse Blueprint, I not only got courses made, I started growing my mailing list, engaging prospects more deeply, and selling classes! Especially important, was that I got over my past procrastination that came out of being shy and skeptical of my own ability to succeed in online teaching.

As a result of Debbie's teaching, I'm now more confident. I'm also a more organized online business owner just on the cusp of launching my biggest course ever. I can't wait to show my new "baby" to my audience. I know they will love it.

Budaházi Brigitta

As a person who is not the least bit technical, I am grateful for the step-by-step approach in the eCourse Blueprint.  I couldn’t have gotten this far without the big dose of confidence that comes from the content of the course coupled with the amazing support of Debbie and the Teach What You Do community.

Debbie is trustworthy, knowledgeable, thorough - everything you need from a mentor in order to avoid crazy rabbit holes and successfully navigate the online education world.

Shelley King

Debbie Hodge has a special knack for seeing both the big picture and the details. When she teaches--whether it's on planning your course, growing your email list, or building a funnel--she presents both the strategy and the how-to. Rarely have I had a teacher who can do both so well. She is masterful at explaining complicated processes in easy, step-by-step ways. You should see her sales-funnel flowcharts! I've worked with funnels before but I've never understood the twists and turns of a sales process as much as I do now.

Debbie is a fantastic, generous, available teacher who cares about the success of her students personally. Having access to Debbie during monthly office hours is alone worth the price of the course.

Julia Rymut

Your "eCourse Builder's Do-the-Work Guarantee"

I'm passionate about working with you to build your online course and want to make it possible for you to give a confident "yes." This is NOT a program for tire-kickers, though. It's a program for action-takers.

Enter the "eCourse Builder's Do-the-Work" Guarantee. Whether you choose a monthly or one-time payment plan today, you’ll have 60 days to try it. If you do the work of the core modules but don't have the insight, clarity and powerful action steps to design, create, and market an online course, you've got 60 DAYS from the day you register to ask for a refund. Send us the work you've completed on the first four modules (see details). If we've failed to help you despite your earnest efforts, you deserve your money back—and we'll give it to you. We will hit "undo" on this whole "let's build your own profitable online course" experiment.

If you opt for a payment plan and you do not request a refund that includes the required coursework within 60 days, you are required by law to complete the remaining payments of your payment plan.

View full refund policy with complete "do-the-work" details.

Key Questions Your Fellow Course Builders Asked Before Grabbing Their Login Details on the Next Page:

Q: Can I really do this? And who am I to be teaching? There are others who are more widely known already teaching in my area.

First, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you came to this idea of teaching with the realization that you have a special expertise.

Sure, you've got mentors and peers who know as much and maybe more. But they are not you. They don't approach the practice of this topic the way you do.

Your unique content starts with what YOU know, with the approaches and systems you've already been using to get your own unique and remarkable results.

You'll take the time to map out your class and, most importantly, structure it around your "signature system:"

  • the steps and sequences you know work and that you can show your students how to use,
  • the underlying principles you've discovered through your own practices that are key to success,
  • the approaches your students can take as they reach crossroads in order to make their own educated and artful decisions as they move forward.

You've got this. You have a unique class in you.

And this is super important:

there are marketing tools that will let you meet new potential students online every day. . . and here's the kicker:

Most of those people have never heard of the gurus you're comparing yourself to.

Q: Why do I need to invest money in this program? There are new free tutorials on course building created almost every day.

I love that you're making this decision with your eyes wide open. YES! There is a wealth of free information on the internet. In fact, all those free tutorials will bring your own future students to understand that online is THE place to learn.

But when you want to build your online teaching business NOW, all those free online lessons can also be an obstacle to your own profitable course-building progress.

What? Free lessons are an obstacle?

Yes. Free lessons that aren't integrated, that aren't provided in a sequence, that don't come with a roadmap to the complete, threaded process are a problem.

They are the very thing that send you down rabbit holes, that have you doing work that doesn't culminate in a finished product, that have you confused and, ultimately, discouraged.

If you truly want to create a profitable online course, choose and use an integrated program: like the step-by-step threaded method in the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint.

What's more, choose a program in which the teacher knows YOU and ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS. Debbie is in the private Facebook group answering questions herself. While the collective knowledge of the community is extremely valuable, you'll also get her take on your situation. And if that's not enough personalized support, you can ask your questions in the monthly live coaching calls.

One more thing: the support doesn't end after two months or even after one year. You've got ongoing access to the Facebook group and the live coaching calls. It's like joining a membership, but you only pay once.

Invest in this program today so that you have your own Sherpa to course building's sunny paths and dangerous ledges, a guide you can turn to for step-by-steps in the middle of the night as well as personalized answers in the light of day.

Q: How do I know I'll sell any seats in my class once I get my course made?

I'm sure-as-heck going to make sure you do everything possible to create a class others will buy.

Because you get ongoing access to coaching calls and community, you have access to me and others doing the same work for as long as you need.

And you've got the course content:

  • A focus on creating a marketable course starts in Module 1 with the path for selection of a profitable topic.
  • Module 1B teaches you how to make an initial "nimble" offer to your first engaged contacts.
  • In Module 3, you start building your marketing infrastructure, which includes: free awareness content for attracting attention on social media, an email opt-in and growing list of the right prospects for your class, online "pixeled" tracking of those who interact with your content and visit your website.
  • Module 3 also includes three lessons on building sales funnels with: 1. simple email, 2. free mini-courses, and 3. live webinars or challenges.
  • In Module Six, the nitty-gritty of launching is broken down for you with a spreadsheet for scheduling out this work.
  • In the monthly office hours sessions (and in the Facebook group) I'm glad to dig into the your strategies and implementation and help you put together promotional and sales plans.

Because I am so hands-on and because we've got an active community, anyone who wants personalized help, gets it!

Q: Is the eCourse Blueprint really at the most current, cutting-edge of what's working now for course building?

Yes! I've spent over 11 years developing creative, academic, and technical online classes. The result is a program this teaches you how to do more than build a slide deck and record voice-over lecture. 

It is my passion to match tech and content, to work with my students to move what they know and what they do into their own original courses. You will not get a cookie-cutter, use-this-platform approach in the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint. Instead, we'll work together to help you choose a classroom platform and create your content in existing and developing formats.

Each year since the eCourse Blueprint was release, the content has been reworked and refined, with modules and tools revised or newly added to support current and new students. Every month, I'm on live supporting you and developing my own knowledge of tools and approaches. Once you're in the program, you get all updates.

Q: I'm not a great writer and the tech parts scare me. Are you sure I can do this?

Yes. Teaching, tech, and marketing are learnable skills.

And you're not supposed to know any of them right out of the gate. The beauty (and science) of the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint threaded method is that you learn and execute on all of these fronts, step-by-step.

The creative and expert skills you possess as a result of mastering the thing you plan to teach are a part of your "muscle" memory.

If you can talk through them, you can turn that into a rough draft. With rough notes created, the eCourse Blueprint's Module 4 has a step-by-step process for turning raw content into polished lessons.

Modules 3, 4, and 5 give you what you need to choose and use the right tech tools for you and your class. And modules 3 and 6 both teach you how to build a sales funnel.

No matter how much discomfort you may feel at the start, you can do this. And by the time you're done, you'll have created and started selling your own online course. You will be making the impact on your students that you desire.

Q: How much time will this take?

That depends on (and is up to) you. Once you enroll, you'll have immediate access to all 6 modules and the bonuses. That means you can do the work at whatever pace your situation allows.

If you can schedule several hours each week at the start, you could get a first mini-course or beta offer designed and selling with simple eCommerce tools within 3 or 4 weeks.

If you're brand new to online marketing, you'll need additional time to start creating an engaged audience and getting your email marketing up and running.

If you're building a multi-module signature offering and setting up a brand new classroom, that will also take more time. Know this: the busier you are and the bigger your course, the more you need a system, and the threaded method in the eCourse Blueprint provides a streamlined and direct path to the many tasks you'll execute on. You can use the printable course-builder's planner to move through the course content and  your own work efficiently.

Remember, also: you get ongoing access to the Facebook community and monthly coaching calls, which means we can take care of your particular questions as they arise--whether that's next week, next month or next quarter.

Q: Can you remind me what I get when I enroll today?

YES! You'll get instant access to:

  • The Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint System with 6 core modules ($1497)
  • Printable Course Builder's Project Planner and Workbook ($97)
  • QuickStart module for creating a first nimble offer and selling it with eCommerce tools and a soft launch. ($197)
  • Ongoing access to support in a private online community  ($497)
  • Ongoing Access to monthly group coaching calls ($1200)
  • Bonus #1: Manage and Develop Your Online Teaching Business with Asana ($197)
  • Bonus #2: Graphics Bundle for Online Teaching ($147)

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Still Undecided?

You're ready to build your online teaching business with the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint method if you can check at least 5 of these off with a YES:

  • You're just getting started with your online course building efforts and want to make sure you do this right from the get-go by using the most up-to-date and direct processes.
  • You've been trying to build an online course for months (or even years) but have not been able to pull all the threads together and GET. IT. DONE.
  • You already  KNOW what you want to teach: Sure, you will make adjustments as you go through the eCourse Blueprint. But for the most part, you know what your teachable talents are, and you have a good idea about the impact you're ready to make.
  • You have no problem scheduling out the work and investing several hours per week as long as you know that the work you're doing will truly result in a completed course.
  • In fact, you’re ALREADY investing time and energy sharing your knowledge: getting tips and short lessons out via a blog or posts on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook. You're doing things you've heard you should be doing to build an audience—but without a strategy—which is not getting your course created and creating overwhelm.
  • You are confused and even frustrated by all the course-building tools and tactics. You want to invest in and set up a classroom and business that pleases your students and that will endure through changing tech capabilities and even fads.
  • You are aware of the profitable opportunities creating your own well-designed online course will create. You'll be able to generate consistent income, leverage your authority to access new opportunities, and have a real impact on your students.
  • You're excited to get your first mini course completed and selling with the "nimble first-offer" process that sidesteps classroom setup and uses a speedy soft-launch format.
  • You feel at ease knowing you have a FULL 60 days to give it a risk-free shot. You do the work of the early modules and either see your course take shape or you send me and my team your work with a message that you want to hit "undo" on this whole "course-building" experiment.

Were you nodding your head?

If so, you owe it to yourself--and your future customers--to move forward with a solid road map. I CANNOT wait to meet you inside the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint classroom and community.

Join a community of engaged course builders working with a teacher, Debbie Hodge, who is committed to ongoing, goal-oriented support

Working with Debbie Hodge is an absolute pleasure. She has extensive knowledge of web platforms and class methodology, content creation and presentation, as well as online course marketing. Debbie’s got an easy-going communication style, and she is accessible and responsive. I recommend her without reservation.

Dina Wakley

Debbie's course is amazing!!! Really amazing... and I say that as someone who takes tons of courses. It is clear she is an educator in addition to having mastery of the topic. Lots of people know their stuff, but being able to translate that into well-designed, useful lessons for people who are not experts is an entirely different skill set.

Diane Wolf

CaptureYour365 would not exist without the patient and thorough guidance Debbie provided me. She showed me a structure for collecting my ideas into tangible lessons and helped decipher my technology choices. Debbie knows what she is doing.

Katrina Kennedy

Debbie is hands-on with her eCourse Blueprint students, providing personal assistance in the Facebook Group and as a part of monthly live"office hours." Her mentorship is invaluable. Since enrolling, I've created a signature course and several smaller courses that I sell through a monthly membership.

Jennifer Kellogg

Debbie Hodge gave me my start in on-line teaching. She not only taught me a structure for content development, she showed me how to turn my writing and photography into a beautiful product. And she was my technology rock! My current success comes directly through her guidance and support. 

Michelle Houghton

I enrolled in the eCourse Blueprint with courses created but faltering on strategy, launch and promotion. The eCourse Blueprint modules on these topics as well as the live office hours and private Facebook group support have been a great help. I love the in-person feedback. The Blueprint course, itself, is easy to dip in to whenever I come to a sticking point, and, since I do a lot of course creation, I'm constantly referring back to it.

Melissa Shanhun

Now tell me:


We started this conversation with a question about what it would take to get you moving forward with your own online course building.

You now have the power to answer it with total confidence.

When you enroll in the Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint and start putting the step-by-step threaded approach to work, you'll have the clarity and roadmap to build your online course, your audience, and your classroom.

As a reminder… Here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • The Teach What You Do eCourse Blueprint System with 6 core modules
  • Printable Course Builder's Project Planner and Workbook
  • QuickStart validation path with mini course or pre-sold beta offer.
  • Ongoing access to support in a private online community
  • Ongoing Access to monthly group coaching calls
  • Bonus #1: Manage and Develop Your Online Teaching Business with Asana
  • Bonus #2: Graphics Bundle for Online Teaching

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