Write the stories of your life.

With the Story Coach Framework, you’ll write ten compelling memoir essays in ten weeks–even if you’re brand new to creative writing. These ten essays establish the foundation for your complete memoir, and through this work you develop the confidence and tools you’ll need to keep writing.


You’ve got plenty of ideas for your memoir …

In fact you have several must-tell stories you know people are going to enjoy–and they’re even going to learn a thing or two.

The problem is . . .

. . . every time you sit down to write, these stories don’t come to life the way you know they could.

  • It’s hard to find a way to start a piece that doesn’t meander.
  • The writing ends up much briefer (or much longer) than you intended.
  • You can describe a place–but what’s harder is to convey is how it felt to BE in that place.
  • Detailing the eye color and height of the people in your stories feels like boring detail–and it does nothing to convey all that you loved (or hated) about them.

You’ve got pages and pages of notes…

and years and years of stories to tell.

You’re willing to do the work, but you need a guide–a way to learn figure this out and start writing the stories of your life that doesn’t entail getting a degree in creative writing.

How would it feel to:

write one story at a time rather than worrying about the whole arc of your life coming together in a complexly choreographed tome? The stories would accumulate one by one. They would come together as a compilation of both big events in your life and also those smaller moments that reveal your character and your world.

let go of recording your memoir in chronological order? You’d find yourself making connections across the years that reveal important recurring themes and tell a full and engaging story.

master the mechanics of setting, character, dialogue, and theme as you write? These skills would become second nature to you rather than existing on an academic checklist to implement.

confidently share your stories with friends and family? You’d surprise them with events they’d been unware of and find that the ensuing conversations fuel your storytelling even more.

It is possible to write an engaging memoir that tells the story of your life–but it depends on doing things differently

You can get beyond a meandering platitude-packed memoir, and you can enjoy the process. This is possible when you use the Story Coach framework to choose key stories, structure them for impact, and write them with clear and effective prose.

Here’s how it works:

  • Ten Story Coach themes give you extensive journaling prompts that unearth both the daily details of your life and the themes that have resonated over the years. Your stories then become more than a recounting of things that happened.
  • Story Coach writing guides are the equivalent of a writing coach on your shoulder showing you how to structure your piece and how to pull from your prompted journaling, There’s no more sitting down to a blank page and wondering where to start.
  • Writing mechanics are woven into the Story Coach writing guides so that you’re learning how to craft well-written prose and putting those lessons to work immediately. With each completed piece you come to internalize these lessons and carry them forward. 

What Story Coach students say:

I’ve wanted to write my memoir for over 10 years–and I was starting to think it was never going to happen. Thanks to Story Coach, I’ve got 10 stories written and shared with my children.

Allison Gaines

My family LOVED learning about my days working on oil rigs–and they’ve asked me questions that have me writing more stories. I never would have gotten these stories written without Story Coach.
Gary Knowles

I was always too nervous to show my writing to family until I went through Story Coach. Now I know that my stories are well written–and interesting. I printed and bound them in a book that sits on my coffee table every day.
Jeanna Lemire

Meet the creator of the Story Coach Framework

Hi. I’m Debbie Hodge, and I’ve written tech manuals, dozens of short stories and over 100 personal essays.

While I’ve been in love with reading stories ever since I met Ramona and Beezus in 2nd grade, it wasn’t until much later in my life that I started putting pen to paper.

It was unsettling to discover that while I’d been a whiz at the computer programming and accounting work I’d always done…

…creative writing wasn’t as easy to master. The rules weren’t as hard and fast as they were when I was working with code and numbers.

It took me years to become a confident creative writer, but I don’t think it has to take everyone that long.

And that’s why I developed the Story Coach framework, so that people like you with stories to tell, can produce one solid story after another by using story prompts and writing lessons that build skills as you write instead of before you can ever start.

Write your memoir with Story Coach.

Class starts June 8th with modules posted weekly through August 23. You get ongoing “lifetime” access to the classroom and call recordings.

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Here’s what’s inside Story Coach

10 Lessons for 10 complete stories are presented weekly starting June 8th. Weekly group coaching calls give you an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on short excerpts.

Lesson 1. News of You: Write a Story of Then and Now

You’ll immediately dig into writing a first story of your life by sharing news someone who impacted you. This story illustrates who you are now through events rather than lengthy description, and it teaches you the skills for moving back and forth in time, skills that are essential to memoir writing and necessary for upcoming essays.

You will:

  • Create an efficient story opening that reveals both physical details and emotions using the technique of objective correlative.
  • Learn how to invoke a sense of time passing–which adds suspense–as you move back and forth through the years this story covers.
  • Understand how to weave narrative and scene which is a foundational aspect of effective storytelling you’ll use through out your memoir.

This sets you up to do the work of Lesson 2 when you expand your story scope and your writing skills.

Lesson 2. Gifts: Write a Story of What You Deserve

In this lesson…


  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • Point 3

How you’re poised to move forward….

Your Bonuses and Extra Support

4 Group Coaching Calls and a Private Community

Four live coaching calls will run for as long as is needed for me to answer all of your questions.

This means that if YOU want support, YOU will get it. If you want me to know about your business and plans, all you have to do is participate in the community and coaching calls.

It’s so exciting to work together on developing YOUR OWN memoir.

      Can’t be there for the calls? You’ll get notice a few days before each session, and you’ll be able to submit questions and listen to the recording later. Calls are scheduled for June 16, June 23, June 30 and July 7.

BONUS #1: Describe

Description of bonus

Write your memoir with Story Coach.

Class starts June 8th with modules posted weekly through August 23. You get ongoing “lifetime” access to the classroom and call recordings.

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by paying in full today



The 14-Day Do-the-Work Risk-Free Story Coach Guarantee


I am passionate about working with you to move your life’s experience into a personal memoir, and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to give this offer a resounding “yes!”

Enter the Story Coach No-Questions-Asked 14-Day Guarantee. If you complete the work of the first two Story Coach lessons and find that you don’t have the insight, clarity and writing steps to become a confident memoir writer, you’ve got 14 days to ask for a refund.

Send us the prompted journaling and first drafts of the stories for Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 via email to hello@learntowritememoir.com and we will process your refund ASAP.

If, despite your earnest efforts, we fail to deliver, then you deserve your money back.

The questions would-be memoirists ask before enrolling in Story Coach

Q: How much time will I need to do this work? This is a passionate personal goal of mine, but I've still got responsibilities I must tend to.
I hear you on that. Often times the people with the most compelling memoirs to write are the busiest.

Because the Story Coach program merges writing instruction with the act of writing, you can take one story at a time at your own pace and be learning as you go.

You can also break down the work and do prompted journaling in one or two sitting and then the actually memoir writing in a few sessions following that. Most students find they can complete one of the story essays in about 2 to 6 hours. It just depends on your style of work and your goals.

Q. I've never written much more than a grocery list before this. Can I actually do it?
That’s the beauty of the Story Coach process. Everyone can do prompted journaling in their own freeform way. There’s no right or wrong.

And then when it comes to crafting your finished piece, our guides walk you section-by-section (sometimes paragraph-by-paragraph) through the work. What you’ll write is mapped out–and we point you back to your free-form journaling for content to put into this section. You also get writing lessons so that you’re crafting well-written prose.

Q. My story is different because it has so many complicated parts. Will this work for me?
Everyone’s story is different…..
Q. I've actually spent years studying writing--it's the structure I can't get right. Will this still help me?
  • 4 Modules with 17 lessons. Modules are released weekly.
  • Detailed workbooks that guide your work so you can take action easily to develop and create your signature course.
  • 4 Group Coaching calls (and recordings)
  • Support in a private Facebook group
Q. Can you remind me of everything I’m getting?
  • 4 Modules with 17 lessons. Modules are released weekly.
  • Detailed workbooks that guide your work so you can take action easily to develop and create your signature course.
  • 4 Group Coaching calls (and recordings)
  • Support in a private Facebook group

still not sure if Story Coach is right for you?

Check off five or more of these, and come on in!

1. Your life experiences deserve their place in a written memoir. You’ve been through unusual and compelling times–and you’re proud of this and excited to dive into the 10 story guides and lay the foundation for your complete memoir.

2. You’ve never had the time or opportunity to learn creative writing skills because of the way you’ve lived your life. Up until this point you’ve felt like this was going to make writing a memoir close to impossible. But now you see that creative writing can be learned—and that all those past years ended up giving you a life’s story like no one else’s, a story that needs telling.

3. You’re willing to dive into the 10 original story prompts and writing guides as a way to learn creative writing techniques and complete a series of essays that will form the foundation for your memoir.

4. You’re done trying to deconstruct the craft of memoir on your own and ready to do things right–especially knowing that Story Coach threads lessons on essential writing techniques into the prompted guides.

5. You’re available on Tuesday evenings for the next 10 weeks for our intimate coaching calls to get my personal guidance and input on your path forward with your essays. (Or you’ll submit questions and watch the replay.)

6. You feel comfortable knowing that you have 14 days to go through the first two story guides before making a final decision. If you don’t have the insight, clarity and writing how-tos to get your memoir written, email us at hello@howtowritememoir.com, and we’ll send every dollar back. No hard feelings.

7. You’re ready to put any past missteps behind you and joyfully recommit to putting your life’s experiences into a memoir–especially knowing the Story Coach writing guides are effectively putting a virtual coach on your shoulder.


Your mission to get the stories of your life written is important, and I thank you for your courage and commitment to this work.

I know it’s not easy. I know you’ve got ideas filling your mind, and it often feels impossible to get them all organized and ordered and turned into engaging essays that move the reader, stories that have enduring meaning.

You worry that you’ll never get this work done–or that you won’t get it done in a format that gets read and appreciated.

I personally believe it’s time for us to rewrite that belief and let your experiences shine in the way they were meant to.

Your life stories deserve this.

Your family and friends who want to know you more deeply deserve this.

Most importantly, YOU deserve this.

I’m SO appreciative of your trust in me, and sincerely hope we get the chance to meet inside Story Coach.


Write your memoir with Story Coach.

Class starts June 8th with modules posted weekly through August 23. You get ongoing “lifetime” access to the classroom and call recordings.

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by paying in full today



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